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Kasuki Lu


Kasuki Lu is a giant, powerful Chia who fights in the Battledome against all who think they are worthy. Kasuki Lu was hypnotized by an unknown entity and rampaged through Neopia Central, but Mammoth from the Defenders of Neopia was able to stop him.


I will squash you!
HA!!! You could never beat ME?!?!
OHHHHH, you must be brave to fight me...
Wanna wrestle?!?
Feel the energy around you...
You will not survive this battle.
HA!!! What a pathetic attempt on your part!
You won, I can't believe you won...
I will make you cry like a little baby!
You are a tiny little pet!
I will sit on you...
Timing, you must have the right timing!
Try to stay balanced and centered or you will never win.
I once squashed a little Neopet by sitting on him.

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Kasuki Lu was the third opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2.

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