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Highland Chia


The Highland Chia hails from the MacChia clan of Neopia, and travels around Neopia, searching for a worthy opponent. His kilt collection currently numbers 38, and he is extremely fond of Haggis. According to his Neopedia article, his real name is either Henddrie or Hendrie, as it is spelt both ways in the article.


Be off wid ya before I skelp your hide again!
Yer think your such a high heid yin, I'll show you laddie!
Yeh fight like a lassie!!!
Yeh dunae hae the strength to fight me!!
I'll make a right fair fankle out of you if you keep this up!
Yeh hae carawool fer brains!!
Och, someone must hae told yeh I was ere!!
Yer fight like a wee wifie!
Yeh won't be able ta beat me again...
Wheesht now or i'll introduce you to me sgian dubh!
Come any closer and ill turn ya intae pate!
I'll squish ya heid!

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