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Tippens is president of the Spooky Shindig Society, which organises parties in Neovia. The most famous is the Spooky Food Eating Contest.


That's a lot of Pumpkin Scoopings... *shudder* Well, good luck to them!
I hope they remember to pace themselves. This is an endurance sport.
She picked it up, then put it back down. Is she... She's going for it!
Some might say this isn't ladylike behaviour, but... well, actually that's true.
Look at them go! This is rather gross, isn't it? Ha ha!
It looks like some of the audience have cheered themselves hoarse.
Wow, is he really going to eat all of that? He is! Amazing!
What a mess! There's food flying everywhere!
Can someone get this fellow a napkin? What a monster!
Let me know if you see a Peanut Butter Spider. I dropped one in the crowd earlier.
What a voice! Sounds like our audience is really rooting for you, contestants!
Oh, good one! Remember, you have to eat the whole thing!
Egad, what monstrous behaviour from our contestants. Don't you just love it?
Come on, you can cheer louder than that! I bet they can't even hear you over the chewing!
Please, keep the booing civil. This is all in fun.
All this cheering is really encouraging the contestants! Keep it up!
We've got some monstrous appetites here today.
Mm, Deep Fried Ghosts remind me of my childhood.
I must say, there are too many pumpkins at that table. Disgusting things.
Oh, this is so exciting! Some of these dishes are new to me, too!
I've never heard such a din! All this cheering will make me deaf!
Booing is a dangerous sport. You're lucky they didn't hear that last bit.
This would be miserable on a sunny day. Thank goodness this is Neovia!
If I were you, I'd take a breather. The contestants aren't going anywhere.
You've had enough excitement for one day, I reckon.
Looks like we're continuing this tomorrow, folks!
I... I can't believe they're still eating.
I hope the chefs are cooking up tasty treats for tomorrow!
Haven't you lost your voice yet? Better take care of it or you won't be able to cheer at all.
Well, I think we'd all better take a nice break now. Come back tomorrow!
The Eating Contest is ending tomorrow, don't forget!
Oh boy, tomorrow's the last day. Does my tie look all right?
Oh ho! Those Angry Marshmallows bite back!
What messy eaters! But what can you expect?
The Screamed Corn is so loud! Cheer louder!
Get your cheering in - tomorrow we declare a winner.
Good thing this is nearly over. Our contestants can't take much more!
I don't believe it! We have A WINNER! Congratulations to Scarlet for being the clear winner of our first annual Spooky Food Eating Contest! *sniff* We've made history...

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