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'Scarlet' is a monster (which appears to be similar to a giant Caprior) with shapeshifting abilities. He assumed the form of a Yurble, calling himself Scarlet (a female), and took part in the first Spooky Food Eating Contest. He claimed his mother and grandmother both won eating contests in Shenkuu, though he himself was a tightrope walker, or funambulist. At the conclusion of the contest, he ingested a potion that forced him to transform back to his original state, at which point he fled to a collection of vaults hidden under Neovia. He was later captured and subdued by Kell and Corbin, and returned to his home in the mountains between Shenkuu and the Haunted Woods.

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Scarlet was the eventual winner of the 2013 contest. It is unknown what his name really is. As Scarlet, he looked like this:

Scarlet as a Yurble

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