The Book of Ages



Known as Rogin the Wretched, this backstreet trader is known to sell secret maps detailing the hidden areas of Altador.


For the love of Jerdana! Foreigners! It's been a while since we've had travelers to our wondrous city! Listen, I don't do this for everyone but I've been running a special today. It's maps. Lots of maps. Think you might be interested in a few secrets of this fair city?
Here, my young friends, is a true delight! This map marks treasure buried in the Arena from before the district's founding or so they say... It's only 200 NP, how about it?
Aw, come on! Really? You don't want anything?
Good doing business with you!
You know, this may interest you, my friends. A map handed down for generations for only 300 NP... It leads to a forgotten cache of wealth in the Money district, just waiting to be found by the map's new owner... Does this interest you?
Need anything else, come back again.
Come, come young friends! Isn't there anything you'd like to buy from this poor Skeith? I'm selling these maps for such a cut-rate price. It will drive me to the poor house!

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