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Alexandra is a Meridell local, who spends a lot of time wandering about the town doing her food shopping. Her daughter is Sally, who can often be found nearby.


I'd better pick up some more Juppie Fruit for dinner.
I wonder if Gamon's got anything new at Curious Wonders.
I can't believe Angus raised the prices for elixirs!
Glad to see your talents are recognised.
Now where did I put that shopping list?
I wonder if Angus has got an elixir for floppy tongue.
You seem to be in a better condition after last night's fight.
I do hope my friends outside of Meridell are alright.
I keep hearing rumours about bandits and raiders.
I'm sure everything will work out fine.
Pleasure to see you, Champion.
You should try to eat more chokato. It's good for you.
I wonder if rain is coming in from Illusen's.
My Sally really looks up to the knights.

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