The Book of Ages



Sally lives in Meridell, and doesn't like talking to strangers. Her mother is Alexandra, and they can often be found walking together.


I don't know you and I'm not supposed to talk to people I don't know.
Hey! You look kind of funny.
I think I smell Whinnies...
Why are you wearing those clothes?
Are you a mer-chant?
I want to be a mer-chant too. Do they swim in the sea?
I had a slushie near the Arena and it was good.
I think I want to be an Ixi when I grow up.
My mommy promised me a Peachpa from Cogham.
She says they grow wild there.
I think you're special.
You're the champ-eee-on. What does that mean?
I wonder what we're eating tonight.
Wow. You're shiny.
I can see my face in your shirt.
You're funny.

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