The Book of Ages



Guff lives in Meridell, and spends his time playing in the streets with his friend Paunch.


Yum, yum, yum! I love food! I do...
I'm hungry.
Eww. What's that smell?
You got any food to eat?
You got any food to share?
I'm just waiting for my Dad.
Think I can fight in the Arena?
We saw you chasing Crokabeks in the yard through a hole in the castle wall.
My dad says it might be the Ixis who are behind some trouble in Cogham.
Dad says people in Cogham get in trouble all the time.
Wow! You beat a Werelupe!
I like your sword.
Can you put magic powers on that sword?
I hear Motes are good for weapons.
Werelupes are tough -- Paunch says so.
I'm going to beat up a Werelupe when I get bigger.

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