The Book of Ages



Ella lives in Meridell, and spends her time playing games of Catch the Greeble with her friend Gram.


I'm playing a game of "Catch the Greeble."
First thing I have to do is put the Greeble down my friend's shirt.
If the Greeble gets away I lose the game.
Do you work at the castle?
You get to be with knights!
Have you met the king? He's puffy!
You look like you got hurt.
I think it's scary outside the town.
I don't like what the grown-ups are saying.
I'm glad I live in Meridell where it's safe.
You're a knight!
My daddy says you're a champ-een.
Gram doesn't like you much.
Does it hurt to become a champ-een?
I say you're going to be a Greeble knight!
A Greeble knight is a special kind of knight with magical powers.

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