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Vonkar is a Meridell local who spends his time in the less wholesome areas of the town. He claims to be friends with Angus the apothecary.


You're in the wrong part of town, my friend.
Perhaps you should be moving somewhere else.
Can't take the hint? Get out.
You on an errand for someone?
Thinking of fighting again? My friend Angus has a Potion of Meerca Speed. That just might be what you're looking for...
You shouldn't be around here.
Maybe you should go play around the castle.
Hm. Wonder where those miners are today?
Figure one or two of those miners should have shown up.
Angus is going to be peeved business is down.
Nice job at the Arena. Pity they won't let you use any potions.
You need any other potions, check out Angus' shop.
You seen Angus' wares yet? Seems like the right stuff for a knight like you.
Angus always has the best deals on potions.
Angus has the best potions in town.
Angus and me are close. He'll cut you a good deal.

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