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Grizwuld is a Meridell local, who spends a lot of time in the town. He sent his hoe to Rongus for repair, and has a pen pal in Cogham. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became very angry at anyone not from Meridell, and accused Rongus of breaking his hoe.


Out of the way, kid.
I don't have time to talk to strangers.
Got somewhere better to be?
You hear the joke about the Gallion and the hungry Turlog?
You ought to have Rongus take a look at your weapon. He'll fix it right up.
Got a new boy challenging people at the Arena. Sounds like a real fighter.
Wonder if Rongus can fix that broken hoe I've got.
Strange. I haven't got a letter from my pen pal in Cogham.
Hey, you know anybody in Cogham?
I'll bet the people in Cogham are okay. They're friendly folk.
Good fight last night!
Well, well! A new knight in town!
Good to see some fresh faces in this place.
Congratulations on being named champion.
Think you'll keep fighting?
Hear about the strange weather over Illusen's?
You're not from around here -- get out!
That cheating liar, Rongus -- he broke my hoe!
Somebody should burn that smithy down.
You hear the joke about the skeleton and the skull of King Skarl?

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