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Corthos is a Meridell local, who spends most of his time wandering about in the town. He is a big fan of Skeiths, being one himself. When he was cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he took this to new levels, modelling himself on King Skarl and declaring himself King of South Meridell.


Move along boy, unless you 're here to help me.
Ah, the city life! Such a fine way to live.
What are you looking at, boy?
You need a Skeith to train you, boy! Do a few laps around the kingdom, will you?
A new squire in town! Oh, you know the squires serve the Skeith, yes?
Our noble king is a Skeith. Thus, all Skeiths deserve respect.
Serving a Skeith is noble indeed, don't you agree?
Ah! A great champion! And yet, still not up to Skeith-standards.
There seems to be quite a fuss about. It's disturbing my nap.
You want to find out what's been going on? I'm tired of hearing about it.
Not to say you're not impressive as a Lupe but boy, you need some work.
Maybe you should serve me for a while and I'll teach you a few things.
A knight! Good! A new strong arm to serve our Skeith king.
All hail King Skarl!
Hope that blasted faerie isn't mucking with the weather.
Bow down before Lord Corthos, King of South Meridell!
I am a king like Skarl before me! He rules the castle and I rule the grass!
Follow me and you will be free of all worries!
I rule here and all who disobey me will be punished!

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