The Book of Ages



Kendel is a Meridell local, spending most of his time playing in the streets.


Eww. You smell like Whinnies.
You want to be a knight? You should go talk to Kendrick.
My brother's a knight. He works as a guard.
You fighting so you can be a knight?
I'm bored. Anyone want to play a game?
You're going to be a knight!
I've seen knights before. You're going to be cool.
Hey, where did you get that amulet?
I saw an amulet just like yours around a beggar.
That beggar was a strange one.
I heard a Werelupe howl. What happened to him?
People say we've got a new Champion for the Arena.
Why won't anyone play with me?
I like the Arena but my brother won't let me go without him.
I want to see the Meerca race.

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Kendal claims to have a brother who works as a guard, but is a knight. However, none of the guards featured in the game have the rank of knight.

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