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Bert is a regular drinker in the Carpenter's Arms tavern in Meridell. He is friends with Dumpus, another regular drinker there.


It's nice to throw down a cold pint of Starberry Juice once in a while.
That's my friend Dumpus. You'll like him. He's silly.
If I just keep thinking, I'll remember where I left my wallet... Hopefully it is in the tavern.
I figure Torak doesn't stop moping, I'm going to start buying him drinks.
You see that Knight? He's the Man-at-Arms for Meridell Castle! He's a grumpy one today, he is. Just lost something very precious near the castle gates. I heard the guards on the drawbridge saw it happen...
It's his sword, you see... He's been crying about it in his drink ever since he got here!
Good show, re-forging that sword and all.
Here's one for the Lupe kid!
And we're all one happy family again!
You look... familiar.
Do I know you?
I know! You're Dumpus' cousin, aren't you?
I'm happy today because I'm happy!
This may look like fun to you kid -- but this is some serious pigging out.
I can't believe they gave me 20 NP for a fake Harris plushie!
You trashed that Werelupe in the Arena!
So how does it feel to be Arena Champion?
Beating monsters in the arena is one thing -- beating them in the real world, that's something else.
Oh excuse me, sir! Do I have your seat? Hold on... You're that kid, right? You're a knight now?!
C'mon! Knight of the Realm already? It took me years to get where I am... Where am I?

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