The Book of Ages



Pat is the bartender at the Carpenter's Arms tavern in Meridell.


This isn't a stable, farmboy.
Go find some other place to play.
Oh yeah, welcome to Meridell.
Need something kid?
You mean Master Torak, don't you? Had a rough day, he has. Lost his closest friend today... his sword. Closest I can tell, he broke it down near the castle drawbridge. I bet you the guards at the drawbridge saw the whole thing. You might want to talk to them.
I never see Master Torak without that sword. He loved it like it was a person.
I hope someone can get him back to normal. I hate seeing him mope like this.
Nice job, boy! It was a right shame to watch Master Torak cry into his drink!
Got him to sponsor you? Well, good for you!
I'm sure you'll make a fine squire!
Somebody beat that Ixi!
Glad to see you did it, boy! Our Master-at-Arms had been a right spot better since he got his sword back.
I'm sure Master Torak's running you ragged at the castle!
Good to have a stalwart lad around!
I thought I'd have a batch of miners in here by now.
Yep, the miners from Cogham buy a lot when they come in.
Good to have a respectable knight in the place.
Three cheers for our new Champion! H-U-R-R-A-Y!
Good to have a Champion in the tavern.
When ya' gonna fight again, champ?
I hear there's some trouble with the Werelupes lately.
You hear anything about Illusen's Glade up north?

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