The Book of Ages



Wymond is a Meridell local who spends most of his time wandering about in town. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became violent towards outsiders.


Looks like you've come from the farms.
I thought of settling in Meri-Acres but decided to stay here.
Nice to see some country blood coming to visit.
Guess you're staying with us awhile.
Being a squire is tough work.
Heard a Lupe took care of the raider in the Arena. Interesting.
Been meaning to become a knight. Figured I was comfortable enough as I was.
Trade seems a bit slow today.
Heard some news about raiders on the road.
Wonder if the Ixis are acting up again.
Heard there's a new champion in town.
Wonder if Bermund's going to the Carpenter's Arms tonight.
Wonder if the Recruitment Centre is looking for new squires.
Good day, sir.
Glad to see a Lupe become a knight.
I wish you well.
Think you're tough? I could have been the greatest!
I think you've just been lucky. That luck ends here.
Meri-Acres should burn, along with the bumpkins that live there.
You weren't born here! Get out!

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