The Book of Ages



Eggbert is a servant in Meridell castle on the upper floors.


Tsk, tsk, tsk. So dusty in here!
Such an amount of filth to clean.
I must remember to talk to the kitchen about getting some boiling water.
Do you hear that? I thought I heard Crokabeks.
Tsk! So much to clean.
I think I need a mop.
There is so much to get done!
I told them! I heard Crokabeks! They didn't listen.
Hmph. Make me clean his statue, will he?
I can't believe he wants special treatment, that fat wart of a knight.
I'll show him. I'll get my chisel. He'll see.
Oh, hello sir.
Good day.
Good day, sir.
A pleasure to serve.

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