The Book of Ages

Lady Leonarda


Lady Leonarda is a noble living in Meridell castle who likes Maraquan flute music and often performs arias for the Lords and Ladies. It appears she is fond of Lord Cormac.


You must be that new squire. Welcome to Meridell Castle.
You must come to my aria next week. Everyone will be attending.
Singing is such a royal endeavour. Don't you agree, squire?
I must remember to study some more of that fascinating Maraquan flute music.
I must think of a new rhyme for my aria. Do you know the Maraquan word for purple?
I wonder if Lord Cormac would like to sit in on a private recital.
What marvelous sounds those Crokabeks are making! I must copy it for my aria.
I hear you're riding with Sir Harlag! How exciting.
So... You haven't left yet? Strange.
I suppose you are much too busy to deal with the likes of me.
A wonderful performance, young squire! And you got a knighthood out of it too!
With all of the knights gone, there's no one left to hear my songs.
When will all the fair knights return? We miss them so.
What if something's happened to the knights?

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