The Book of Ages

Guardsman Laertes


Laertes is one of the guards on the treasury room door in Meridell castle. He has a son who has been missing for ten years, but still holds on to hope that he's alive. He also once travelled with knights who were looking for the Golden Usul, which did not end well.


Nobody enters the treasury of King Skarl.
At least not without permission.
Are you looking for trouble?
Maybe you should go look for your sponsor.
You know, the last guy who tried to break in here got thrown in the dungeon. He used to be a knight, you know.
It's an honour to guard the treasury.
They started giving you chores yet, squire?
Hm. I'd better get this armour cleaned.
I hear you've got a gift for clogs.
So you're on a mission? If you see my son, say 'hi' for me.
My son's been on a mission for ten years. I think he'll be home soon.
I miss my son.
Good job, sir.
They held you back, right? I had the same thing happen after the adventure of the Golden Usul.
Never anger a Golden Usul...
I pray that Usul never finds me!

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