The Book of Ages

Guardsman Oliver


Oliver is a soldier who is tasked with guarding Meridell castle's treasury. He often bemoans not getting to go on adventures. He also sometimes has duties guarding the mountain passes near Drakon Ridge and Cogham. He is friends with Laertes, but thinks his son is probably dead.


Sorry! By order of Meridell, none shall pass.
The raiders are getting pretty bad back there. That's why they won't let anyone in.
I think they'll send some knights soon to take care of the situation.
Hello squire! King's orders -- this route is still closed.
If you go back to Meridell, could you see if someone's being sent out to relieve me?
This is driving me crazy! Do you know how many days I've been out here?!
Sorry! No one allowed in the Treasure Room without authorization.
Last person who tried to get in here was locked up. He's still down there I think.
You want to end up in the dungeon like Sir Valrigard?
Listen, can you help me settle a bet. I keep telling my friend, Laertes, here, if he hasn't seen his son in ten years, his son is probably lost. What do you think?
Laertes got to go with some knights to look for the Golden Usul. Me? I just get to guard the Treasury.
Some people just have all the luck.
You wanting some extra shifts on clog duty?
Good luck on the road.
Watch out for those Ixi Raiders. They're a tough lot.
Glad you got Sir Harlag. He can be ferocious when he tries.
Good day.
Sorry, sir. The Treasury remains closed in a time of crisis.
I hope those Werelupes come here. We'll show them what's what!
We're Meridell's defenders now!

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