The Book of Ages

Lady Caitriona


Caitriona is a member of the Meridell nobility living in the castle who was annoyed that Lord Edrick was living next door. However, they eventually fell in love.


Squire, fetch the servant. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW.
That idiot, Lord Edrick. He insulted me and all women last winter! And just because I forgot his stupid title! And now that cad is right next door!
Tell Skarl I want out. I want a new room. I want to be anywhere but next to Lord Prissy-Bottom Edrick.
Squire, could you kindly tell that pompous wind-bag next door he can kiss my chamberpot!
Argh! That slimy-son-of-a-Slorg next door! I HATE him!
Oh, I'll have my revenge on that Edrick! I'm going to break things over his head!
Hunh. That was... interesting... speaking. Um. With that Lord Edrick. Very interesting indeed...
Squire, have you heard? Is my truest heart love sending me more poems?
Here's one of Eddie's shorter poems: 'My love... It's like a desert fire'. Isn't it wonderful?
What mad joy will my Eddie inflict on me next?

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Although Caitriona says it was Lord Edrick who insulted her, there is the character next door is named Lord Edric outside of dialogue. It is likely his intended name is Edrick.

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