The Book of Ages

Lord Edrick


Edrick is a member of the Meridell nobility living in the castle. He didn't like Lady Caitriona, but eventually fell in love with her.


Squire, fetch me my servant! The nerve of the king to room me next to that shrew of a woman!
Last winter, that 'lady' called me a knight -- a knight! And I, of royal blood. I didn't hesitate and returned the insult. She turned blue when I asked her to fetch my slippers!
Now the knig dares to room me and the Lady Caitriona in the same tower! There will be no peace accorded here!
That witch! That... That... That absolute harpy! How dare she call me a landless buffoon!
I will get even with Caitriona if it's the last thing I do!
I will teach that shrew that it does not pay to mess with Lord Edrick!
I... I had such an interesting talk with that Caitriona. She... I must think upon this...
Squire! Send me in that servant! I have another love poem to send to my beloved Caitri!
'Oh Acara, with thy eyes of blue! Such grace, that I had never knew! Our blustery past, I do so rue...'
My words, they do unite two hearts. Oh Caitri! I do love you so!

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Edrick is called Edric outside of dialogue -- it seems likely that is an error.

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