The Book of Ages

Sir Njall


Njall is the knight in charge of guarding King Skarl's chambers in Meridell castle.


Sorry squire. This door leads to the King's Chambers. You're not allowed in.
Have you seen the two royals up here? Those two are quite a pair.
Nothing but fireworks between those two royals ever since they got here.
Sorry, lad. I still cannot let you into King Skarl's Chambers.
You know, I think those two royals downstairs -- they're secretly in love. They certainly do fight like they're married!
I'm looking forward to some time off.
Aha! I see someone's been promoted! But you're still not getting in.
Hello, Sir Tor. Heard anything about the other knights?
The defenders of Meridell will rid the glade of those accursed Werelupes!
I wish I could have ridden out with them.

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