The Book of Ages

Lady Anabel


Lady Anabel is a member of the Meridell nobility who lives in the castle.


Master Torak still sends his squires to do chores?
How very... Quaint.
Are you and Grayson related?
I must remind Faun to clean this dress.
Somebody needs to get rid of those noisy Crokabeks in the courtyard!
You do look quite a bit like that other squire.
Ah. I see a mission is being prepared!
Do you know who is being sent out, today?
Ah. How interesting...
Sir Harlag is on a mission? I so rarely see him out of the dining hall.
Sir knight? Have you seen Master Torak?
Ah. I see.
It seems strange that Master Torak would be gone so long.
I hope the King orders someone to find those knights soon!

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