The Book of Ages

Lady Prunella


Prunella is a member of the Meridell nobility who spends a lot of her time in the castle grounds. She fields advances from Sir Cadmere and Sir Lawrence. She eventually decided to test them, by hiding her charm in the castle and agreeing to be with whoever found it first.


Oh! What to do? Who to choose? I hear the castle knights are vying for my attentions. Which one should I choose, squire?
Love is a fickle thing, squire, when one is royalty. We must consider our choices carefully.
I will have to make a choice soon, squire. Two knights have caught my gaze. My question is who can hold it?
Has someone been sent to deal with those noisy Crokabeks?
Those Crokabeks have been a real problem as of late.
I hope the noise will die down soon...
Squire Tor! I've finally come to a decision between my precious knights! I'll put them to a test! I've taken my charm and hidden it somewhere inside the castle. Whichever knight finds it first wins my affections! I've hinted to Lawrence and Cadmere... I do hope one of them finds it! Keep this a secret, will you? Oh thank you, squire!
Oh I hope one of my knights finds the charm!
Sir Cadmere is such a romantic at heart.
But Sir Lawrence makes me smile so!
I have laughed so much with dear Lawrence.
My Lawrence told me the finest joke, just now!
You've done me a great service.
My sweet Cadmere and I are getting along quite well.
Dear Cadmere writes me poetry. It's quite good!
Thank you for your help.
My Cadmere will return soon to my side. I just know it!

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Although Tor can find the charm and pick either Cadmere or Lawrence to be the winner, and Prunella appears happier with Lawrence, the game ignores your choice later in the game and defaults to Cadmere being the winner. It appears that this is the canon choice.

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