The Book of Ages

Guardsman Dubric


Dubric is one of the soldiers posted on the gates to Brightvale, welcoming visitors. When the Gelert Assassin attacked Tor and Roberta, he rushed to their aid.


Welcome to Brightvale.
The people of Brightvale await.
We are honoured to serve you.
My lady! Welcome home! But... Why are you on foot? Did something happen to the Royal Carriage?
Yes, my lady.
Be careful wandering too far from Brightvale.
Things are fairly grim out here.
Even the roads aren't safe anymore.
I wonder if that assassin will be back.
Dubric seems to think things are improving.
I have to admit, the clouds going away makes me feel better.
I hope things keep improving.
You are real heroes!
All of Brightvale will be happy to see you.
You're going to cure Meridell next, right?

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