The Book of Ages

Guardsman Marrok


Marrok is one of the soldiers assigned to guard the gate to Brightvale and welcome visitors. When the Gelert Assassin attacked Tor and Roberta, he rushed to their aid.


Welcome to Brightvale.
We're honoured to see you.
The people of Brightvale await.
Welcome home, Lady Roberta!
I think I just heard something...
Be careful on the roads. Things are dangerous out.
I don't like the look of all those dark clouds.
We won't let anything happen to Brightvale!
We'll make sure people know the swamp clouds are gone.
It's a relief to see the clouds over the swamp are gone.
We're all thankful for your help.
The clouds are disappearing!
It looks like you've been busy.
It's an honour to know you.

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