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Matkin runs Matkin's Maps, a shop in Brightvale that sells maps of Brightvale and the surrounding area.


I've got maps to Brightvale and beyond. I'm also rather knowledgeable of the lands around Brightvale, I must say.
You should see Brightvale's magnificent Lighthouse on the tip of the eastern coast. It's light can be seen clear from Meridell!
I hear there's a dangerous passage through the northern mountains into the Bogshot Swamps. Come to think of it, I have seen a cave entrance on the way to the coast...
I just sold a map leading to the steppes north of the Crossroads. It's a fairly hazardous place -- good for keeping things hidden!
Beware the Werelupe Woods north of the Crossroads! That mangy king of theirs doesn't take kindly to strangers.
The isle of Market Town is to the south of the Crossroads. It is where the wealthiest merchants in the world live. Although I never did like the look of that black tower...

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