The Book of Ages

Sir Tallwick


Sir Tallwick was the shopkeeper of the Brightvale Motery in the Darkest Faerie game. He theorised that the dark creatures that served as the Darkest Faerie's minions were created out of fear itself.


Ah good - someone I can discuss real magic with! I've been watching these clouds for quite a number of days and do you know what I think? I think these dark creatures are spawned from fear itself!
Somehow the cloud's magic is bringing forth our deepest fears. These creatures are terror made real.
It appears that those creatures cannot leave the clouds that spawned them. If they could, they would overrun Brightvale for sure.
I wonder what sinister magics have created this cloud? And how is magic of this power and magnitude sustained...?
The magic cloud has lifted from over Bogshot, and... That was you who did it?!
A giant serpent you say? Well that explains it! A creature of that power could be used as a conduit for evil magical energies! There must be other evil creatures sustaining the clouds power! You should talk to my colleague, Motara. She is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of spells. She is near Cogham village on the outskirts of Meridell. If you speak to her, please let me know her thoughts on the matter.
Motara, I daresay, is even more learned about magical enchantments than I. She could help you uncover the secrets behind the dark clouds.
I know the clouds generate fears but how? Motara might be able to provide the key.
Motara's magic shoppe is near Cogham village on the southern outskirts of Meridell.
So, Motara believes that these evil monsters are magical conduits as well! Hah! I knew it! I hadn't anticipated that they would be created from real historical monsters, though. Thank you for keeping this old sorcerer informed! Take this for your service!
Fear -- pure fear I tell you. That's what those things are made of! When the fear is vanquished, their forms dissipate. Most elementary, I daresay!
If I'm correct, the force behind the clouds feeds on fear by bringing fears to life. Dark magic... Dark... night. Nightmares! Those dark creatures must be spawned from nightmares interacting with the magic of the clouds.
Now if only Meridell was freed from this sinister cloud, we could see firsthand how long-term exposure affects its inhabitants.

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It is unclear if Tallwick is a worker, or the owner of the shop, as a Peophin runs the shop on the site.

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