The Book of Ages



Cinthia is a Brightvale local, who spends a lot of time playing in the town. She wants a Petpet more than anything. Tor and Roberta eventually found her a new Noil to keep.


I'm so lonely... I want a petpet! Can you get me a petpet!
Hey... You find any petpets, yet? Hmph.
I like you. I still want a new petpet, though.
I think my petpet has to be bigger than a Miamouse.
I hope my petpet will like me.
Is my petpet here yet, 'Berta? Is it? Oh... Not yet.
I can't wait to see what kind of petpet you find, 'Berta.
Oh! A NOIL! I love Noils! Oh, thank you so much! Here! Now you're lucky!
I love my new petpet so much! Thank you so very, very much.

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