The Book of Ages

Lady Deborah


Deborah is a member of the Brightvale nobility, who spends a lot of time wandering about in the town. She attends many functions, including an annual poetry recital.


Something must be done about the chaos here about.
The kingdom depends on you and your diplomatic missions.
Do not let the kingdom down through misadventure or personal ego.
Such a common thing, these clouds, that people are worried about.
I suppose someone must calm these people. Go do something about it.
I'm pleased this crisis appears to be coming to an end.
I wonder when the grove tenders will bottle this year's ergyfruit juice.
I imagine King Hagen is pleased his niece is home.
As predicted, everything is returning to normal.
Hm. The Annual Poetry Recital is next week. What should I wear?
Perhaps now, we can go back to our proper roles, yes?

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