The Book of Ages



Velhar runs the Wheel of Chance in Brightvale.


Are you brave enough to challenge the ancient seers in a contest from across time? Come up and play for just 25np!
We have a player! Here are the rules. Give the wheel a spin; stop on anything but red to win!
You can reap even greater rewards by letting your bets ride. Think about it -- an even greater future waits!
So what do you think, my friend? Cash out or let the money ride? Remember, click on red and you lose!
Would you like to bet 25 NP on the wheel?
We have a winner! You now have 45 NP. Will you risk your winnings and spin again?
That's it then! But the wheel never goes away -- who's next to play?
You're a brave soul -- I can see that! Spin the wheel and let's see what destiny has in store for you!
An amazing win! You now have 65 NP. Would you like to keep going?
Come bak later, my friend!

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