The Book of Ages

Sir Caradoc


Caradoc is a knight in Brightvale who spends most of his time wandering about in the town.


I'm not afraid of anything.
Let's see what kind of evil is really out there.
The knights of Brightvale will not yield!
Never fear, milady! With the knights here, Brightvale will not fall.
Your knights are ready to ride!
A victory for Brightvale!
I saw the clouds over the swamp part and disappear!
This evil plague will be driven back!
Victory is ours!
I saw the clouds over Market Town disappear!
Soon this evil will be gone!
I hear you assisted Princess Dona will her new love -- Prince 'Tourin' is it?
That was a noble thing, uniting those two lovers.
I look forward to seeing those two lovebirds properly wed.

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