The Book of Ages

Guardsman Burhold


Burhold is one of the guards inside Brightvale castle, on the throne room doors. During Kaherdin's attempted coup, he was one of the last lines of defence.


Good to see Meridell sent some help!
You're a bit young for a knight, aren't you? But I bet you've got the heart of one!
I'm sure people are a little less worried now that they know Meridell's involved.
Everyone is really proud of what you're doing milady.
You know, I always knew you had a little more spirit than just a diplomat.
You know, the people are a little scared out there.
For king and country!
No one will take the king's throne while we're here!
Protect the king!
Hail to our new heroes!
Long live King Hagen.
I'm fortunate to know people like yourselves.

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