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Samrin is the main character in the game Extreme Herder. He wanted to be a shepherd ever since he was a little boy, but now has to contend with Balthazar as well.


I just got back from an exhausting day of shepherding, and what do I find by my home? A bunch of Kadoaties stuck in a tree! I managed to get some down, but I can't reach the upper branches. I've contacted the Warf Rescue Team and they're on their way. I have to go now, so do you think you can help them out when they arrive?
Oh, what do I do? That mean old Balthazar keeps getting into my fields! And then... he EATS my Petpets! Nooo! I was raising them, caring for them, feeding them nutritious grass... all that work wasted. I had big plans for rack of Babaa on my dinner table too. Uh, I mean I love my Petpets! Balthazar should be stopped.
Argh! That Balthazar just won't leave me alone! Give me a hand, would you, while I catch my breath?
Petpets are friends...NOT FOOD! Why doesn't Balthazar understand that? They are cute and cuddly and serve as great companions. Not for consumption...ahh shoot there he goes again, would you help me put a stop to all this madness?

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