The Book of Ages



The Negg-Gazer is a mystic who claims to be able to see the future by gazing into special crystal Neggs.


Your destiny is to be surrounded by clay and stone. Oh dear, that doesn't sound healthy...
You will have an uplifting experience with tiny pink things. Perhaps you'll be babysitting?
I see a hint of blue, with a rope... ah! I bet you're going sailing on Kiko Lake soon. *nods wisely*
I must ask, do you consider yourself a fighter? You will carry a warrior's gear someday.
You will be the most beautiful Neopet at the ball! Ah, it's nice to have a pleasant future.
I--oh dear. I feel a great disruption in this Crystal Negg, as if a thousand eyes were staring...
You will experience a new life as a Snowbunny. Oh dear, maybe it's a curse?
Neggs by the dozen will sweep past your feet constantly, their path never changing. Lucky!
The spirits have shown me a green field, full of Neggs. Yet, strangely, you are not hunting any of them.
Hmm, I'm getting a healthy feeling. There's a lot of nutrition coming your way!
You will find yourself surrounded by pastel blocks. Maybe you're going to be shrunk by a spell in a nursery
Illusen would be proud of the vines that will grow in your grasp soon. You have a hand on nature.
Strands of delicate pink will sprout from your head. I'm not sure the Pharmacy covers that condition...
Camouflage Neopets will learn a new trick from you when you hide in a field of flowers.
I see gold overhead and Neggs all around. Perhaps you will eat a Negg omelette while wearing a crown.
You will attempt to wear a garden around your neck. The attempt, oddly enough, will be successful.
Aaagh! Giant flowers are going to eat you! Run! Run!
Your world will become two dimensional and pastel. I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do to prevent this catastrophe...
Your feet will soon smell like roses. I suppose that's not a bad future, as fortunes go.
Either you will be mysteriously shrunk to Petpetpet size, or the world is about to get a lot larger. I'm hoping it's the former, no offense.
I see... I see: a throne. Upon which a King appears to have the blues... Or he IS blue. Hard to tell.

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