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Turmaculus, the King of Petpets, has a ginormous appetite. As he ate, he grew, and grew, and grew until he reached the point where he could not move anymore. Now, he spends most of his time sleeping and he only wakes for an hour everyday. Can your petpet wake him? Be careful though, he has been known to eat petpets in the past!


Turmaculus blinks at you!
Turmaculus Hiccups.
The great Turmaculus YAWNS!
Turmaculus's stomach growls...
Turmaculus stares at you with a mocking attitude.
Turmaculus looks at you with loathing.
Turmaculus lumbers towards you.
Hi I'm Turmac, some call me Turmy. I figured out that If I roll really fast I can collect all different kinds of fruits. I especially like the blue & red ones...maybe you could help me?

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When he was young, the Turmaculus was the best at Turmac Roll.

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