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Carassa and her husband Mika have been trying to move away from Terror Mountain for years now, but their attic is so large that they haven't been able to sell all of their stuff yet.


The Jolly Jugglers remind us so much of ourselves -- always working as a team. Could you help us give them a hand?
Happy New Year! We resolved to finish cleaning out the igloo this year. I'm getting started on my resolution early this time, and I have a great feeling about it - I think we might be able to actually move this year! Hopefully Mika is with me on this.
We hear Neopia Central is really beautiful this time of year. This is the perfect time to finally move out! All we have to do is sell a few things here and there and we'll be on our way!! How much stuff could there really be in this attic anyways?
hink you could give us a hand setting up our garage sale? Just help my husband Mika catch each knick-knack I toss down so they don’t break! Oh and watch out for falling pianos…

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They are attempting to move to Neopia Central.

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