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Sakhmet Solitaire Chomby


This Chomby runs the Sakhmet Solitaire game in Sakhmet. They are suspicious of the local guards, mainly because he sometimes lets groups of thieves like the Pyramid Prowlers use the back of his tent.


They told you I'd come forward, didn't they? Told you I'd spill everything. Well, they were wrong! I'm a card-carrying citizen of Sakhmet! I have rights! I can't be strong-armed into spilling secrets to the guards!
Er, did I say secrets? I meant tickets. Yeah, tickets. For, um, the Scratchcard Kiosk. Oh, never mind. I don't know anything about midnight. Or bribery. Or -- hey, you're trying to trick me into telling!
Let's just say I'm never doing business with the Pyramid Prowlers again. Not that I did in the first place. They just asked to use the back of my tent for a little bit during the night. Where's the harm, right? It wouldn't disturb the customers, after all. I'm in trouble, aren't I?
All right, well, I may have overheard a few things. But it was dark, so I'm not sure who said what.

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