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Paint Brush Stall Lutari


This Lutari runs the stall in Sakhmet that shows what Neopets can look like if they are painted Desert, though he doesn't actually stock the Paint Brushes. He often works during the night, polishing the displays, as it is cooler and he can see the stars.


Step up, step up! Come to view the pretty designs, stay for the fresh breeze. I don't sell the paint brushes myself, unfortunately, but it's free to look!
Indeed I did, and I don't mind telling someone about. No, sir. I was working late, polishing the pedestals and dusting the plaques. It's much cooler at night. You can see about a billion stars, too, if you aren't hard at work inside a tent.
Did I ever! And it wasn't like they were wearing a disguise, either! Hoo boy. Bold as Brightvalian brass, as they say. Marching away from the palace in the middle of the night. Not that I could tell who they were or what they were carrying, mind. But they were definitely carrying something!

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