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Fruit Machine Kau


This Kau is one of the Neopets that helps run the Fruit Machine in Sakhmet. They are sometimes invited to the palace for dinner, and live near a sewer grate.


Oh my goodness, come quick! I just put two and two together! If I'd realised someone could use this information, I never would have kept quiet for so long.
This doesn't actually have anything to do with the Fruit Machine. I was on my way home from dinner at the palace -- the Princess invites us all sometimes, and we share stories about crazy customers, I mean delightful anecdotes about our favourite customers -- and I passed the sewers. It's unfortunate how there's a stinky grate that I have to pass to get to my house.
Quite so. Anyway, someone ran by, muttering something about the Royal Telescope being missing and how King Altador was going to do something drastic. Then I heard a squeal, like grinding metal makes, and when I looked at the sewer grate, a dark shape was slipping inside. I'm sure of it.

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