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This Aisha is the star of Maths Nigthmare. Her nightmares are haunted by Babaas who force her to solve mathematical problems.


I had a dream, right? It was just before midterms and this bouncing Blumaroo kept bopping me on the head with his scepter because I wouldn't study. Only I couldn't, because there were all these giant numbers between me and my desk... Ugh...
I just want to take a nap, then I'll get back to studying... Is that so much to ask? It's the month of Sleeping, after all... Zzzzz...
I was having such a pleasant dream when that horrid alarm woke me out of a sound slumber. Ugh. How can I possibly be well rested enough for my test now?
I just need a little nap, okay? Help an Aisha out and please, just solve the equations. Just look at how soft the pillow loo… Zzzzzzzzzz
These pesky Babaas won't let me sleep, but I have a huge maths test tomorrow! Think you can keep them at bay for a little while? If I don't get some shuteye I'll flunk for sure!

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In the Petpet Battles, she fights with a level 16 Miamouse named Cosmo.

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