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Treasure Hunt Shoyru


This Shoyru was the original host of the Treasure Hunt game, giving users clues to map pieces around the site.


Let everyone know just how much of a star your pet is.
Make a wish and itjust might be granted.
Test your memory skills in this game of concentration and speed.
Should you bring an umbrella today or will it be bright and sunny in Neopia.
Tell your friends about the coolest site on earth.
Test your neopet knowledge and win some quick np.
Cartoons are awesome and cartoon games are even better.
For a game that is just out of this world.
100 NP just for teaming up with our friends.
Earn rewards the easy way with the help of the neopet buttons and badge.
Make a wish and it just might be granted.
After these messages we will be right back.
These cards will not help you with your poker hand but you will definitely want to collect them all.
A way to share your web site with others that have common interests.
Best roller coasters in Neopia.
Treat your pet to a five star stay when you go on vacation.
Giant monsters duke it out and neopia hangs in the balance.
Winning loads of np can be as simple as choosing some numbers and buying a ticket.
Cool deals and cool offers plus 500np just for you.
Does your pet have enough skills to survive battledome?
Find the home of the light faerie.
Find the island mystic you must.
Benjamin the Chia may know where your next clue is.
It is always better to give than to receive.
What are these neopoints and what can they do for me?
The game for you is brought by King Roo.
You should always have np stashed away for a rainy day.
You would be wise to run the other way if you encounter one of these creatures.
Bid your way to the item you desire.
Have you adopted one of these slave pets yet?
How much information can you digest during your battle with these intelligent robots?

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