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Granny Hopbobbin


Granny Hopbobbin took charge of the Charity Corner around Christmas, organising a toy drive and other acts of charity for those in need in Neopia. After several more charity events, she decided to set up a Community Hall so she could do it all year long.


Oh my, dearie, you deserve a big hug and a mug of hot cocoa for having such a warm heart! But I know Neopians nowadays like to have a few more options, so I've gathered up some treats for you to choose from. Depending on the number of donation receipts you're holding, you can choose different rewards below.
'Tis good to see such interest in a young face. Would you like to donate a gift basket of NC items to needy Neopians? To get started, you'll need a roll of Basket Wrap for each set of three items you want to donate. You can purchase Basket Wrap below. Donations will earn you tickets, which you can spend at my Gift Shop.
Oh, the Wraiths. The destruction. How dreadful! How very dreadful! I have a terrible feeling this has been brought in by our greed these days. Our incessant greed is behind all evil. It has to be, I am convinced. But don't you worry, I know just how we can reverse this. Greed can only be countered by charity, right? Let's make Charity Corner all about the giving this year! Let's tap into our innate goodness and give for the sake of giving, without greed and expectations. Doesn't it sound just wonderful? Go ahead, join my Make a Difference Drive and donate to your heart's content. You can donate just about anything. But I'll tell you something, generosity and goodness of heart never go unrewarded. Just as greed brings on evil, generosity brings on goodness of all kinds! You must trust me on this!
Well done, you!
This is just so wonderful! How big-hearted of you to pitch in and help out in these trying times. You've truly made a difference and your magnanimity has not gone unnoticed.
Thank you so much for all your donations! The Make a Difference Drive has definitely been a success! Now did you really believe that I wouldn't give you anything for your deeds? Oh no, I have been in touch with some very good friends and acquaintances, and they will be putting together some delightful offers for you to choose from, based on how many points you have earned. It will take a few days for all the details to come together, but I have something else for you in the meantime. Trophies, a gift or two - keep an eye on your Neomail so you don't miss out!

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