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Mugsy is a poor Neopian who was helped out by Granny Hopbobbin's Adopt a Neopian charity scheme in 2014. Mugsy's entire family has their Christmas presents purchased for them.


I'm wishing for presents for my family this holiday season. Let me tell you a little about my family. My little sister has a Babaa, but we don't know much about caring for it, so a book would really help her out. My mum sighs each time she looks at our old rug from Altador; I guess it's gotten threadbare. My brother has always wanted to play in the sand on Mystery Island and his favourite colour is orange, and I wouldn't mind seeing Mystery Island someday either, but my favourite colour is blue. Blue is a much better colour. Lastly, my uncle needs a plant for his desk at work, something really cheery. Hope you can help us out!

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Mugsy's favourite colour is blue, and one day wants to go to Mystery Island.

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