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Soggy Boots


Soggy Boots was a resident of Krawk Island until the Krawken attack broke it up. When the island was put back together, Soggy's islet was missed, and now they run it as their own little kingdom. However, they can't afford much, so Granny Hopbobbin helped pay for some Christmas presents.


Seasons greetin's! I reckon 'tis time to come clean about our governor. I be a resident of Krawk Island, or I was until the island was destroyed 'n put back together all wrong. Some wee islands still be floating alone on the drink, my friend. My home be on one of 'em. The good governor missed it, so as king of my own tiny island, I need a few things to run me kingdom, namely some toffees. I like the hat-shaped ones. Also lip balm, but nothing pink, mind you. A new flag for my yard would be shiny. I've got a hankering for some crisps: the black ones, if you please. And last, a Flotsam plushie, nice and piratey, to remind me of me ol' captain.

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Soggy was apparently part of a pirate crew captained by a Flotsam at some point.

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