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Buttercup's family fell on hard times after the fall of Faerieland, forcing them to live in a shelter until they could find their own place. In 2014, Granny Hopbobbin arranged for them to get some Christmas presents. She is a fan of the Space Faerie.


After Faerieland fell, my family ended up in a shelter for a while. We're getting our feet back under us now, but some help this holiday season would be really appreciated. My big brother would like a sword made out of amber and a dagger with a snake on it to defend us from wraiths, please. My sister loves Faellies and wants to read books about them, especially how to groom them. She is a fan of pink, too, so a pink Faellie book would be perfect. And for me... well... I'm a fan of the Space Faerie, and I need somewhere to store my pencils for drawing. Please and thank you!

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