The Book of Ages



Moss wanted to buy the Maraquan Yooyuball team Christmas presents, but couldn't afford them. Granny Hopbobbin helped them out as part of the Adopt a Neopian scheme.


I'm collecting items to send to my favourite team at the Altador Cup, Maraqua! I've never been there, but I'm hoping if I prove my dedication, I can go next year. Barit Jowes collects stamps, so a defender stamp of some kind would be great. I heard Elon Hughlis likes apples, especially the Maraquan kind. I'd like to get Tonie Plessix a petpet, maybe a Grackle Bug? But for Oten Runeu, probably something less edible, like a book of faerie tales. That leaves Lamelle Turow. Uh. Maybe some Maraquan bed time stories, so he can keep learning about Maraqua. I don't think he knows much yet.

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