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Stuck At University


'Stuck At University' was the alias a student at Brightvale University used when asking for a charity handout from Granny Hopbobbin in 2014. They lived on the third floor of the dorms - they, along with all other residents of the floor, were staying there over Christmas, but needed decorations.


This is a request for donations for my dorm at Brightvale University. All of us here on the third floor are spending the holidays here, so I was hoping you'd help make things a little cheerier. We would love some Abominable Snowball themed lights to string up. We could also use a few more chairs, maybe the fresh bamboo ones as those are lightweight and smell nice. I was thinking we could decorate with giant kelp in holiday colours, too. Lastly, our tree has no star on top -- maybe a nova? But better make it soft, like a bean bag or something. We can get a little rowdy.

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