The Book of Ages

Vandagyre in the Pound


This anonymous Vandagyre was put in the pound a week after being adopted - they were selected as part of the Adopt a Neopian scheme to get some free Christmas presents.


I'm a Vandagyre! I like pie! I don't like being abandoned, though. My owner kept me around for one week, and then off to the Pound it was. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I'm living at the Pound now, and we're supposed to ask for five things we need. So... I didn't learn about much in my one week of freedom, but I would like a rice bowl. Brown rice is yummy. I don't have any tea here; can you find some that's cherry-flavoured? An assortment of biscuits to go with the tea would be great, too. Then I would like a hand puppet, maybe one of those pandaphants? They're so cute! Lastly, could I have a cardboard box that growls? They're hilarious!

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